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Typical OGP Process Safety Management Standard Requirements are as follows:

  • Develop and maintain written safety information identifying workplace chemical and process hazards, equipment used in the processes, and technology used in the processes;
  • Perform a workplace hazard assessment, including, as appropriate, identification of potential sources of accidental releases, identification of any previous release within the facility that had a potential for catastrophic consequences in the workplace, estimation of workplace effects of a range of releases, and estimation of the health and safety effects of such a range on employees; 
  • Consult with employees and their representatives on the development and conduct of hazard assessments and the development of chemical accident prevention plans and provide access to these and other records required under the standard; 
  • Establish a system to respond to the workplace hazard assessment findings, which shall address prevention, mitigation, and emergency responses; 
  • Review periodically the workplace hazard assessment and response system;
  • Develop and implement written operating procedures for the chemical processes, including procedures for each operating phase, operating limitations, and safety and health considerations.

Implement Process Safety Management!

EPC365 assists the projects to implement the Process Safety Management by following steps:
Step1- Implement PSM Workspaces in client’s Microsoft SharePoint Server
Step2- Perform PSM GAP analysis by PSM Workspaces
Step3- Define Action Plan to close the findings of GAP analysis
Step4- Define Scope of Work for Technical Assistance by EPC365 Experts.

Step1- Implementation of PSM Workspaces
Clarification meeting at company's site (One Week)
Install EPC365 PSM Workspaces in project's Microsoft SharePoint server
Cost: €100,000
Duration: Three months
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Step2 and 3 - PSM GAP Analysis and Action Plan
Clarification meeting at company’s site (One Week)
PMC OilPro experts perform the PSM Gap analysis with respect to Company's Referentials
EPC365's experts propose the action plan for compliance
EPC365 inserts the action plan in PSM Workspaces
Cost: €50,000
Duration (Two months)

Step4-Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance by EPC365 to close the PSM actions
Monthly report about status of PSM implementation for management review 
Cost: €200,000
Duration (One year)
Subscription to EPC365 WebOffice is recommended.

EPC365 Weboffice
EPC365 Weboffice is linked to PSM Deliverables, Risk, Issues and Tasks. Discussions are also created for each discipline to make it easier to communicate and tie everything together. EPC365 keeps the PSM team in touch, organize and manage schedules, share project documents through secure office365, access project databases, host web meetings and more for only $30 per month/user.
Download the 
User Guide for EPC365 Workspaces to see how you can access PSM databases and host web meetings with experts. 
Skype business meeting with Experts: $200/hour

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