​​​​​​​Lecturer: Frederic Salimi
Course Duration: 8 Hours Online Training by Microsoft Team meeting
Target Trainee:
This program is well suited to Safety Engineers,Process safety Engineers, Plant managers, Safety supervisors, Process Engineers, and discipline Engineers.

Description:The objective of this course is to understand how the consequence modelling of Fire, Explosion and Toxic release is used in the design of the safety and process safety systems.The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Fundamental of Fire, Explosion and Toxic Release 
  • consequence modelling,
  • Gas dispersion & Hazardous Area Classification,
  • Fire Zones,
  • Basis to determine the restricted Areas,
  • Basis to determine the passive fire protection zones,

Videos, PowerPoint Presentation
On the job training: 3 months expert support in ADEPP Academy
Cost: 1500 €/Person​

C8-Fire, Explosion Risk Analysis (FERA)

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