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C13-Bow-Tie for Risk reduction

​​​Lecturer: Frederic Salimi
Course Duration: 8 Hours Online Training by Microsoft Team meeting
Target Trainee:
This program is well suited to Process safety Engineers, Plant managers, Safety supervisors, Process Engineers, Safety Engineers and discipline Engineers.


Objective of this course is to train the attendees to identify the hazards, threats, incident and accident consequences, preventive and mitigation with a systematic manner. Attendance of consequence analysis course is recommended. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Basic definitions; including risk, incident, accident, 
  • Action tracking and follow up with ADEPP monitor,
  • Introduction to Quantitative Bow-Tie for ALARP  demonstration,
  • Case study for a hydocarbon containment scenario.

Videos, PowerPoint Presentation 
On the job training: Three months expert support in ADEPP Academy Workspace
Cost:1500 €/Person​

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