​​​Lecturer: Frederic Salimi
Course Duration: 1 day
Target Trainee:
This program is well suited to Process safety Engineers, Plant managers, Safety supervisors, Process Engineers, Safety Engineers and discipline Engineers.


The objective of this course is to train the SIL chairmen and attendees to think and assess in a systematic manner the ​required SIL assessment and verification. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Basic definitions; tolerable risk, probability of failure on demand, layer protection, safety integrity, etc.
  • Qualitative SIL assessment with which using the risk graphs and calibration tables during the brainstorming sessions the required SIL is assigned to the safety systems.
  • SIL verification; practical options to achieve the required SIL
  • Application of ADEPP monitor for an online action tracking and follow up.

ADEPP monitor, PowerPoint Presentation with handouts User group discussions
On the job training: 3 months expert support with EPC365
Cost: 1000 €/Person​

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C12-SIL Assessment

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